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I decontextualize. Then I reconstruct.

Making art is a way for me to collect floating thoughts and emotions in my mind. There are two reasons I love abstract art: It is an obscure way of expression. It is like a series of code and only people who it resonates with can understand it. Women, mental health and historical events are my main focuses because I feel strongly connected when I am doing artworks related to these topics.

My artworks look muddled and chaotic because they are my pure emotion. Human emotion is complicated and hard to describe through words. I believe art is the best mediator. You can see motley colors being used in my artwork because I believe each color represents a type of emotion. However, in my world blue doesn't merely mean anguish and yellow doesn't mean bliss. They are all combined with different feelings. Through looking at my work, you will understand the other side of me--human nature. 

I have never regretted any experimentation I have made in my artworks. They have recorded the feelings I have at that moment. The best thing about art is that it takes you to an unrealistic world where emotions no longer need to be contained. 

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