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                                             ANGELINA FAN 

My art is my emotion-my every little thought and every little palpitation. In real life I am a rigid person and it's only in the art world that I am liberated. Every stroke on the paper comes from me-the internal me, the subconscious me.


Born and raised in China, I didn't have a lot of choice in what to do. I had never thought I would become an artist. I now call myself an artist because making art is part of my life-the best part of my life.


I can still recall the first "piece of art" I made; it was a beautiful skeleton woman on my desk while I was distracted from doing homework. It was my first drawing that was not a stick man but I soon went back to drawing stick men until I met this person--Ms. Marg Hagey. She is the person who liberated me on paper. She is the person who told me that I don't need to be rigid in the art world. I started experimenting on my art and my life within art.


I became an artist—an abstract artist.

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