2                                                                        3                                                                         4

1The masculine woman, 2017

-Inspired by Marilyn Monroe covering her dress

2 The masculine woman, 2017

-Inspired by Marilyn Monroe covering her dress, turned upside down)

3 Bathroom thoughts, 2018

-color experimentation/thoughts when I am taking

a shower

4 A very rough day, 2017

-created after an emotional day/ rethink my life

  5                                                                                                                              6                                                                7                                                                            8

     9                                                                       10                                                                           11                                                                                12

5 Matcha Powder and the Veteran, 2018 

-Experimenting with green tea powder and starch powder to paint

6 Matcha Powder and the Veteran, 2018

-Experimenting with green tea powder and starch powder  to paint, turned 90 degrees

7 Only can hold 14.6/15, 2018

-Warning myself to narrow down the things on my plate/have to focus on what I am capable of doing

8 Window escape, 2018

-Inspired by the view outside of the window/created when I have no glasses on

9 Hi Ms. Tang! 2018

Created for my neighbor as a birthday presents/inspired by her pictures whens she was 20 years old.

10 Red Nails, 2017

Inspired by God Is A Woman/created a Buddha in between a male and a female

11 Relatives, 2018

-Inspired by Chinese Culture of favoring male heirs/ rethink my relationship with my grandmother

  13                                                                                                       14                                                              15                                                                                       16

12 Prison, 2017

First abstract piece I have ever created, a world in containment and tears

13 Black and White Painting,2018

Practice realism skills

14 Curses, 2018

-After being verbally abused by someone who is really close to me, I want to use this piece to convey the message of  how words can be extremely hurtful

15 Nanking Massacre I, 2018 

Inspired by the historical Event Nankin Massacre/ Japanese soldiers created a heap of dead men's heads

  17                                                                                                       18                                                                                                                                                         19

16 Nanking Massacre II, 2018

-Japanese soldiers are competing who had killed more people/ the scene is recording them killing a new born infant

17 Nanking Massacre III, 2018 

-Japanese soldiers raped many women in that war/ the painting shows the strengths of women/ how they try to protect each other from being abused

18 The mythology, 2018

-Egyptian mythology has always been my childhood favorite/ this painting is turning my childhood fantasy of Nile river and the Pyramid into something real on canvas

19 A quite and safe place, 2017

- Try to re-define the meaning of feeling safe, sometimes the most "dangerous" place is actually the most quite and safe

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